The profitability of your business depends
on good fleet management.



Crane has exited designated zone.



Pick-up has exceeded 40 km/h.



Mazda CX7 requires maintenance.

Reduce operating costs.

Increase efficiency.

Maximize profitability.

GPS IRIS makes it easy to manage your fleet in real time with the help of our free online portal.


With no monthly fees, GPS IRIS is the most complete and affordable vehicle management solution on the market!

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your fleet and drivers​
Receive speed alerts


Set your drivers’ speed limit, monitor their speed and receive an alert when they exceed it.

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Hour meter


Monitor your vehicle’s engine running time.

Ensure the safety of your cargo and drivers
Manage your fleet in real time


Thanks to our online dashboard, see the location of all your vehicles live on a map and interact remotely using your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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Recover your vehicles in no time
Maintenance reminders


Easily see a vehicle's maintenance status.

Vehicle position history


See where every vehicle, piece of equipment, or mobile asset has been over any specified period.

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Data export for analysis


Easily export data to spreadsheet for analysis.


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