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Live Location

One of the many features of the GPS IRIS system


Simple and ergonomic map.

Easily scroll through the map to find the position and activity of your vehicle. The GPS IRIS portal is 100% secure and available for desktop, tablet, and smartphone. 



  • Map and satellite layers.

  • Multitask straight from the map view.

  • Direct location feature for live positioning.

  • Detailed activity reports when and where they happen.



  • Instant visibility of your vehicle.

  • Protect your assets and stay informed with notifications.

  • No need to worry about recurring fees. We offer a one-time payment for 5 years of service.

Set a speed limit and get notified.

Stay informed without constant monitoring. Receive a notification once a certain speed has been exceeded. 


  • Customize alerts to be sent to multiple email addresses.

  • Speed alerts are saved to be visible in past history reports.

  • Customize threshold – Exact, percentage over, or KM over speed.



  • Reduce risks and insurance costs.

  • Address bad driving habits quickly.

  • Control fuel costs.

Speed Alerts

Create virtual boundaries.

Create virtual parameters around a specific area on your map. Get notified if a vehicle enters or exits a specific zone. 



  • Custom point-by-point geo-fencing anywhere on the map.

  • Choose whether you want to be notified when a vehicle enters or exits a specific zone.

  • Colour-coded zones for easy distinction.



  • Get notified when a vehicle arrives at a certain location.

  • Measure the time spent at that location.

  • Get notified when a vehicle leaves a location without your permission.

View past vehicle activity.

Visualize where every vehicle has been at any specific time and date. See every detail along the way including location, speed, hour, and direction. 



  • Intuitive calendar and time screen to visualize a vehicle’s location and details over a specific time frame.

  • Get details of speeding violations on any given day.

  • View time of vehicle arrivals with destinations.



  • Find unauthorized stops along the route tracked.

  • Validate billing and timesheets.

  • Track unauthorized routes taken.

History Log
Send directions

Share directions with your drivers.

Get directions to any location on the map and send the route to your drivers.



  • Route edit capabilities and receive turn by turn instructions.

  • Distance and travel time displayed.

  • Sharing capability.



  • Save time and fuel by assigning the route you want your drivers to take.

Find the closest vehicles to any point on the map.

Allow dispatchers to quickly find out which vehicles are closest to a specific location or landmark. 



  • Closest vehicle’s distance information and time of arrival is displayed.

  • Send directions to the closest driver.



  • Get to your customers quicker and improve your customer service.

Find closest vehicle
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