Locate and keep track of your vehicles 

No monthly fees

User-friendly interface for desktop, smartphone and tablet 

Speed alerts


Easy activation

No technological obsolescence

Take advantage of a complete and affordable vehicle management solution

Whether it’s to keep track of one vehicle or a fleet, the GPS IRIS system has been designed to meet all your vehicle location needs. 


View vehicle activity on a map. 

Determine the permitted speed of drivers, monitor their speed, and receive alerts if they exceed the limit. 

Receive alerts when your vehicles enter and exit a specific zone with our Geo-fencing feature. 

Keep track of past vehicle activity and alerts by consulting History Log. 

No yearly or monthly fees. You only pay the purchase price of the GPS IRIS.






Reduce operating costs.

Increase efficiency.  
Maximize profitability.

Buy GPS IRIS today!
Available at all authorized 12v retailers.
Please note that GPS IRIS requires installation of the GPS IRIS system to function.